How it all started...

It was Spring 1991 when Pastor Johnson arrived in Greensboro. His first Sunday service on
 April 7th 1991 was passionately fueled by 
8 people in attendance. He had a strong vision from God deep in his heart to establish a
 life-giving, vibrant, and passion filled church that loves God and His word!

Our Pastor

Pastor Richard Johnson is the founder of We Are one Christian fellowship in Greensboro,North Carolina. He is a graduate of Laurel University where he received a BS degree in Pastoral and Biblical Counseling. 

Pastor Johnson currently serves as general overseer of Partners, a corporate network of local churches in North Carolina. In 2005 Pastor Johnson and his wife Ellen started Real Love Ministries dedicated to creating environments that provide instruction and direct experience of Biblical principles for married/engaged couples, singles, and parents. 
Pastor Johnson also serves in the Great Commandment Network as a relational facilitator. 

Pastor Johnson believes the number one need in our society is the pursuit and restoration of intimacy from a Biblical perspective with God, family, and the Body of Christ, the. Church.
Pastor Johnson and Ellen have one son and daughter-in-law, Richard and Leah, and two grandchildren, Zahria and Zion. Richard and Ellen currently reside in Brown Summit, North Carolina.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10:00 am

  in-person or Online