Church Motto

“We Do Life Together” was coined by one of our members several years ago as he sought to describe the spirit of fellowship at We Are One. It’s true. We care about life – especially your life. It’s important that we provide a caring and safe place for us to love, cry and express our needs as we seek to grow healthy and Godly relationships with one another. We’re in this life together – let’s not go it alone.

Vision Statement

We are a Caring Ministry

connected intimately to God and each other through worship, fellowship, and service.

We are a Family of Believers

Submitted to the Lordship of Jesus and committed to doing marriage and family well based on the Holy Scriptures and biblical values, bringing honor to God our Heavenly Father.

We are a “Safe Place” Community

Where people experience acceptance, discover their purpose, realize their significance and witness the presence of God.

We are Representatives of Christ

In the world, living lives of personal integrity while demonstrating God’s unconditional love to others.

We are an Equipping Center

Developing people for service in their ministry in the church and their mission to the world.

We are an International Church

Sending and supporting both domestic and foreign missionaries to reach the world and heal the broken hearted for Christ.

The Mission of We Are One is to lead people into the family God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; and to help them grow into spiritual maturity by creating environments where they are encouraged and equipped to glorify God. This mission is carried out through various ministries at We Are One, where we do life together.