About Us

We Are One Christian Fellowship

1951 Brightwood School Road

Greensboro, NC 27405

We Are One Christian Fellowship is a nondenominational church, located near the northern city limits of Greensboro, North Carolina, founded in 1990.  We Are One is committed to building a worship, community and training center for families, children, marriages and those making a fresh start.

We Are One is a congregation of families from all walks of life who seek to model intimacy, worship, service and personal integrity.  We are committed to missions both locally and internationally and seek ways to serve other ministries who focus on helping the hurting.

We Are One is associated with Partners, Inc., an oversight ministry that provides accountability to a growing number of non-denominational fellowships and para-churches. Over the past several years God has led us in new areas of praise and worship, ministries, and serving families abroad and in this community.

WAO seeks to to create environments where individuals, marriages, and families can grow toward spiritual maturity as they learn the word of God and experience His love. We are commited to personal integrity, serving one another, sharing the “Good News” of Jesus, and reaching out to the hurting.

WAO is a member of Partners, an oversight ministry that provides accountability, fellowship, and support to a growing number of churches and para-church ministries.